Dear students, 

We miss you all so very much! Looks like Ms. Maura picked a good time to be home and snuggling her little bundle of joy!! When you aren't busy looking at pictures of the new baby (she is so cuuuuuute), we've put together an at-home practice plan for you.  This can be done every day, and will really help us all as a team to work on not only steps, but flexibility and stronger feet as well!!

Our goal is that everyone in Ms. Maura's class comes back to dance class with FULL splits, stronger feet, and improved turnout and crossing, all from home practice.   We are working on ways to do virtual classes and private lessons as well, stay tuned!!

Start a little bit every day, it will all go a long way!


WIth love, 

Ms. Mary, Ms, Sarah, Ms. Maura, and Ms. Melanie

PS- Contact us if you are interested in virtual private lessons with Ms Melanie!  


1.  Warmup: jump rope 1minute, 25 jumping jacks, 10 pushups, 10 situps

Once you finish your warmup, move on to FOOT WORK.  

2.  Foot WORK; follow the video here, let's get those feet pointy!

Phew, WOW we are ready to rock!!!! Once you have done your FOOTWORK, move on to REEL STEPS

3. REEL STEPS:  Click here to watch a video on how to drill your steps in small pieces at home

After you have done your reels, give yourself a huge high 5!!!!  Next up, move to slipjigs

4.  SLIP JIGS:  Click on this video and let's perfect those gorgeous slipjigs together. 

ALMOST DONE! Let;s move on to our FAVE, hardshoe.  Go ahead and change your shoes!

5.  HARDSHOE DRILLS; start here to get those hardshoes warmed up. It's ok if you are in your socks, too. 

- shuffle tip x25 alternating legs

- double shuffle hop back 25 times, alternating legs

- shuffle back click and down 20 times on each leg

You are all warmed up!  Let's do those treble jigs now!!!

6.  TREBLE JIGS: We don't need much room to drill parts of our steps, Click on these videos to follow along!

Novice TJ drills:  



PW TJ drills:





7.  Hornpipes:  Let's drill these steps together! Click here:

Novice HP drills:



Prizewinner HP drills:


NOW THE MOST IMPORTANT PART!!!!  Stretching for SPLITS.  Click here and follow along!

8.  CLICKS; ok let's see how high we can click now, it's exciting to see progress! 10 clicks on each foot, as high as you can with your back and legs STRAIGHT.  NOooooooo bending!

THAT'S IT! YOU DID IT!  We are so proud of you. Try to do your practice every day.  Let's get better together!

Heading 1

Heading 1

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