Dear students, 

I miss you so very much! But I am extremely excited to help you practice your steps at home.  The goals of practicing at home are to do the following: 

1.  Practice your steps and not forget them!

2.  Get more flexible by stretching every day (goal is for everyone to come back able to do a split!)

3.  Strengthen feet with stretches and exercises every day. 

Over the next few weeks, I will be reviewing ALL of the dances the kids have learned thus far (two reels, two slipjigs, two treble jigs) and I will be teaching them... St. Patrick's Day! This is a hardshoe dance called a "Traditional Set Piece".  Below you will find a plan for you to practice at home. Follow this every day! I will add new videos of "Saint Patrick's Day", follow along and let's see if we can all learn it together and know how to dance it by the time we get back to class together.  How fun!  

With love, 

Ms. Mary

PS- Contact me if you are interested in virtual private lessons with Ms Melanie!  

AT HOME PRACTICE PLAN (sorry, microphone cuts in and out during some of the vidoes, I'm working on this and will post new videos soon!)

1.  Warmup: jump rope 1minute, 25 jumping jacks, 10 pushups, 10 situps

Once you finish your warmup, move on to FOOT WORK.  

2.  Foot WORK; follow me in the video here, let's get those feet pointy!

Phew, WOW we are ready to rock!!!! Once you have done your FOOTWORK, move on to REEL STEPS

3. REEL STEPS:  Ask your parents to check their emails, I sent the words to your steps! If you need the words, print them out and follow along.  Let's get started with your reels in my practice video here

After you have done your reels, give yourself a huge high 5!!!!  Next up, move to slipjigs

4.  SLIP JIGS:  Click on this video and dance the slipjigs with me, complete with my lovely voice reminding you of important corrections! Slipjig first stepSlipjig second step.

ALMOST DONE! Let;s move on to our FAVE, hardshoe.  Go ahead and change your shoes!

5.  HARDSHOE DRILLS; start here to get those hardshoes warmed up. It's ok if you are in your socks, too. 

- shuffle hop back (switching right and left); ten times on each foot

- shuffle HOP shuffle hop back (switching right and left); ten times each foot

- rallies (3 rallies, alternating feet, finish with tip in the back like at the end of the first treble jig step)

- to the side; ten times on right, ten times on left

- shuffle back click and down ten times on each foot

You are all warmed up!  Let's do those treble jigs now!!!

6.  TREBLE JIGS: If you need a SLOW walk-through with lots of explanation, please use these videos:

First Step- Slow Walkthrough 

Second Step-Slow Walkthrough

If you are ready to dance those steps to music, a video to music is coming soon!


7.  St. Patrick's Day:  Here is the FIRST lesson, want to try it!? Click here!

NOW THE MOST IMPORTANT PART!!!!  Stretching for SPLITS.  Click here and follow along!

THAT'S IT! YOU DID IT! I am so proud of you. Try to do your practice every day.  Let's get better together!

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